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Drilling Our range of drilling equipment is suitable for any drilling task, with tools designed for tasks like heavy drilling through masonary to light work angle drills for tricky working angles.
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Angle Drills
Angle drills are designed for drilling at right angles. Useful if you have to drill in a place an ordinary drill can no reach, e.g. in a loft space.
Cordless Drills
A variety of drills that use battery packs.
Drilling Accessories
A range of different sized drill bits and cores for a range of tasks.
Magnetic Base Drilling Units
Drilling units for powerful steel cutting.
Rotary Hammers
Rotary Hammers are powerful drills for light chiseling and masonry removal. The special chuck on a rotary hammer helps hold the drill bit and prevents...
Rotary Percussion Drills
Percussion drills are higher power machines more suitable for professional users. As well as the rotate/hammer action, these drills can be used w...

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