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Compaction & Concreting

Compaction & Concreting The equipment in this section is designed for a range of tasks based around preparing the ground for laying, pouring and smoothing concrete.
Sections Compaction & Concreting
Cement Mixers
The workhorse of any building project, a range of cement mixers are available to suit a small DIY job or a single/multi-user site. Electric, petro...
Compacting equipment is for the efficient compacting of sand, gravel, hardcore, asphalt and paving blocks. We have a range of gear for any compact...
Concrete Finishing
Our concrete finishing equipment allows for many different end results, from an indentured and textured finish to a smooth concrete surface.
Concrete Preparation
Numerous tools are available for the preparation of concrete surfacing. These include floor planers to yield a smoother result and test cubes to t...
Vibrating Pokers
For vibration, compaction and removal of air bubbles to ensure maximum strength and consistency in concrete. Available in various sizes.

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